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Swarmdesk: Beta II released – now supporting Google Drive encryption. Secure, easy drag and drop encrypted file exchange between groups, with added encrypted messaging facility! Try it now for free.

Here is a 10 minute video of the software on Windows… The volume is quiet low, so pump it up:

Swarmdesk File Encryption Client

The second beta of Swarmdesk is now available for download for PC and Mac. This is a fully functional release, but please bear in mind that the purpose of this release is really just to get the concept out and tested, so we can make improvements for an official release a little later down the line. This new release now supports Google Drive.

Dropbox or Google Drive

Swarmdesk came about originally as a solution intended for teams of remote workers to be able to share often large and sensitive in nature files with one another, in organized groups that can be built using drag and drop.

No solution on the market currently offers this, and when the Tradebit team realized this, it was decided to build it – firstly for internal use, and then (if it worked) to open it up for a public beta release and, later on, a full official one.

Well, we’re still using it, and it’s aided our internal processes hugely – so we’ve decided it’s time to let others give it a go!

Swarmdesk offers the following functionality (all of which is present in this preview build):

  • Encrypts files locally, before storing them on the cloud
  • Builds groups to allow files and friends to be easily connected
  • Stores passwords locally, and never transmits them online
  • Places files in the local Dropbox or Google Drive directory – and only into the cordoned off “Dropbox/App/Swarmdesk/” path. Swarmdesk has no access to your other cloud file details
  • Owners of groups may send out encrypted messages to all members of the group

The entire application was developed using TideSDK.org for Mac OS X and Windows 8. With Swarmdesk Android and iOS apps currently in the R&D phase, we fully intend to offer strong mobile support and make Swarmdesk a leading, heterogenic, encrypted file sharing platform by end of 2013.

This is the official Beta II release – internally called “Ocean Breeze” – and supports Google Drive as your storage facility. Also the interface was updated to Bootstrap 3 – a big step into the right direction.

For more information on how Swarmdesk works, take a look at our overview here. For updates on Swarmdesk development simply continue to watch this space!

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All about the Swarmdesk Encryption Software for Dropbox and Google Drive
This site gives you details about the Swarmdesk encryption software and allows you to freely download versions for OS X and Windows. The Beta II release went live by the end of October 2013 and the last release for 2013 will be around Christmas time. Get your free download here on Swarmdesk to encrypt files on Google Drive or Dropbox!